Settings -> Users

The User setting allows to add and manage users of the Firm. It is available under PageLightPrime Settings as shown below.

Firm Users are the individual attorneys who have their own username and password for accessing the PageLightPrime tool and to deal with Matter Management, tasks assigned to them and their other Law Firm Activities.

PageLightPrime Users Settings

When Users is clicked, a page like the below opens.

PageLightPrime Users Settings

It shows the list of already created users of the law firm. To add a new user, click on thee ‘Add’ button on the top. The ‘Create User’ page opens.

PageLightPrime Users Settings

Enter the user name and the default billing rate for the user. This will be reflected in Case Billings in the Matter Portal. Enter the time zone in which the user is working. This enables users from different time zones to work and track tasks accurately. The attorney’s digital signature can be uploaded into this page through the ‘Signature’ field which may be useful for invoice generation purposes. Enter the ‘initials’ which will be reflected in the matter and click Save.

The list of users available in the firm can be exported as excel or pdf and can also be printed instantly through the User Settings. These options are available in the user details page.