Law Firm Email Drip Campaign

Target messages to clients based on past actions. Tailor law firm’s response to varying levels of interests and target these potential clients accordingly with future marketing emails

Law firm email drip campaign software

Guide prospect’s experience towards nurturing and conversion to paid client. Personalized emails based on client’s interest for potential upsell and cross opportunities.

Automatic email drip campaign for attorneys

Automated emails on schedule

Reach clients in their inbox when they are ready

Send set of emails configured based on actions or date schedule. Emails are personalized with their matter details and any supporting documents. Win new and repeated business with PageLightPrime drip email marketing solution for law firms.

Customizable email templates

Template builder and automated drip emailing

Provide business development team to send emails based on opportunity stages. Build templates by simple drag and drop, without any programming experience. Set scheduled delivery of emails based on user action and templates of choice.

Email drip campaign for lawyers
Email automation for law firms

Drip campaign for lead engagement

Sales outreach to send right message at right time

Never miss the moment to engage or re-engage the prospects.  PageLightPrime emails are triggered on task completion or reaching a milestone. Send reminders when the last activity exceeds the threshold or welcome email when client has signed the fee proposal.

Client first branding

Personalized Communications

Sales team can add their personal touch in sending personalized emails to the clients. Stay on the top of the client’s mind.  Birthday emails sent along with the task created to remind the contact owner to wish the client. Company newsletters sent to prospects in the subject or practice area they are interested.

Email marketing for law firms and attorneys
Drop campaign setup for lawyers

Results matter

Comprehensive reporting to measure success

Measure the success of email campaigns as leads created and opportunity converted. PageLigthPrime Law Firm CRM Software tracks email campaign influence on prospects and publishes KPI to dashboard. Understand what works and fine tune the responses to increase conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous engagement of the prospects and the clients. Always remain in the top of the client’s mind by never missing an opportunity to reach out at the right moment. Workflow triggers are configured by business development team to sent customized emails automatically, so no leads fall between cracks.

Identify the potential actions the clients may take interacting with your law firm. Examples might be commenting a blog article or visiting your web site multiple times. Since not all users will not receive the same email, design the workflow, and email templates using PageLightPrime legal workflow software. Use client data from legal case management solution to design the campaigns. Attorneys can measure the effectives of the campaign by the analyzing the metrics.

PageLightPrime Legal Practice Management Software integrated with Legal CRM has full suite of features to design workflow, create email templates, dynamic mailing lists and analytics to track campaign responses.