Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Attract more leads and prospects, decrease no-shows, engaging client relationship, and accelerate the growth of your practice with client attorney Relationship Management Platform

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Client Intake, Legal CRM, Marketing Automation, Reports and Analytics to stay relevant with client information during client journey

Complete business development software in one place

Everyone in your firm can involve in Business Development by giving the necessary tools to capture and display lead information

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Lead Management Automation

Automate law firm’s client intake process.  Cloud based client intake solution is the easier way to collect lead information and nurture them to paying clients.

Sales Team Collaboration

Client communication in one place to keep client data organized.  Everyone involved in Opportunity can collaborate without working in silos.

Maximize Conversion

Minimize no shows with follow-ups with easy scheduling of consultation with leads.  Accepts payments before the meetup.  All appointments synchronized with Outlook.

Lead Profiling

Classify your leads using keywords tailored to your law firm.

Attract clients for your law firm by focusing on prospects at right time, even when working remotely

Automate Client Onboarding

Engage with your clients with CRM essentials.  Understand your pipeline to see your lead distribution.  Opportunity dashboard displays the last interaction with the leads and tells the next action or steps to be performed.

Pipeline Management

Matter pipeline to provide status of all prospects and paying clients.  Analyze and filter leads to view their matter and contact details accessible from your mobile device for easy communication.

Contact Management

Create client contact card with Tags and Labels.  Filter contacts by metadata to create mailing list or campaigns.

Lead Management

Stay updated as leads progress through the pipeline.  Status can be set as MQL, SAL, and SQL based on lead scores.

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Client experience makes difference

Provide personalized attention to prospects from day one.  Avoid leads or opportunities falls through the cracks with legal CRM software.  Firm needs consistent performance to impress clients.

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Legal Workflow

Workflow to automate task, email, intake, and document assembly to obtain signature from leads.

Legal Intake

Intake form to collect supporting documents and schedule appointments.  No more email or phone tag for client follow-ups.

Legal Client Management

Self-service for clients through Client portal.  Clients to check on their case status, review shared documents and upload requested files.

Email Marketing

Email or drip campaigns to engage your potential leads and existing clients.  Turn your paying clients to referrals.

Analytics to grow your practice

Actionable reports from client engagement data.  Understand how marketing and campaign efforts are helping your business development.  Remove guesswork and believe in data driven decision to find your next high paying client.

Custom Reports

Self-service report generation with drill down analytics to see what you need, customized to answer your business questions.

Identify Winners

Understand lead source and recognize the repeat clients.  Know where clients come from and what campaigns are effective.  Referral accounts can be tracked to focus your marketing efforts.

Lead Timeline

All client interaction matters. Identify and recognize high value clients and repeat clients by KPI configurable by practice area and work division.

Improve Baseline

Custom reports to determine profitable practice area and employee performance in converting leads to paying clients.

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Elevate your practice to next level

Law firm is a business and take it to next level.  Our legal CRM can improve your process maturity for digital transformation of your practice.

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

No code customization

Custom field to capture lead, the way you want it.  Collected data can be used in workflow to trigger campaigns and follow-ups.  Use n document assembly to generate personalized engagement letters.

App Integrations

Outlook, Word and OneDrive integration for your business development and marketing users to work from the tools they are comfortable with.