Handle Trust and IOLTA Accounting with confidence

Reconcile Trust and IOLTA accounts without an accounting application

Built in IOLTA Accounting Software – Always current, compliant, current and Audit Ready

PageLightPrime will identify and separate firm’s operating funds from client funds. Some of the IOLTA features available includes

  • Journal entries for individual client ledgers
  • Manage client funds with error validation and automatic book keeping
  • Request and Receive payments for Trust funds online and in office
  • Pay client invoices from client trust accounts
  • Handle disbursements
  • Reconcile with bank statements and regenerate standard reports to Accountants and Clients
IOLTA Trust Accounting for Lawyers
Bank Account Reconciliation

Reconcile Trust Account Ledgers with Bank Transactions

Three-way trust account reconciliation. Pull your Bank account feeds automatically or import transactions, to reconcile every day or whenever your business demands – Never fear an audit