Email Management Software for Law Firms

Manage emails in DMS for regulatory compliance and efficiency

Manage Matter Emails from Outlook

Save emails and attachments to matter folder with drag and drop. Metadata is already applied when copied to PageLightPrime. Responses are saved in correct conversations and users can view the email thread like in Outlook or Gmail.

Law firm email management
Lawyers email management software

Automatic Email Filing

PageLightPrime scans all incoming emails and saves to matter folder without user intervention. Be compliant with regulatory obligations in capturing all communications (Emails and Teams Chat) as records, which are easily searched by matter or email metadata.

Legal DMS in Outlook

Access full suite of legal document management solution functionality from Outlook. Matters, Favorites and Recent documents are available for lawyers to continue their document review tasks from Web, Outlook, or Desktop. Edit the documents in native app, check out/in or publish a new version all from Outlook. Documents edited by external parties and sent as attachments can be replaced, compared against base version and client instruction included in the document.

Legal email management software
Save send PDF Outlook practice management

Convert to PDF

Documents in legal case management solution can be converted to PDF and sent to the clients with single click. Single or multiple documents can be sent as PDF and PageLigthPrime suggests the email receipts from matter team members and relationship.

Integrated Time Tracking

Attorneys can track time when composing or reading emails. Multiple timers can be started to record different tasks. Timekeepers will review the unposted time entries and tag against the Matter.

Save outlook emails to matter folder
Legal email management DMS

Effective Email Search for Lawyers

Emails saved in Legal DMS can be searched by full text or email properties like Sender, Sent Date or Received Date. Refine the search results further by client, matter, or practice area.

Legal Email Management Anytime Anywhere

Integrated with desktop or web Outlook version, so you are guaranteed same user experience irrespective of your preferences.

Save emails with metadata legal case management
Email management in Outlook for law firms

Centralized Law Firm Email Management

Setup governance, so when an email is saved all receipts are notified of the matter location destination. This prevents storing of duplicate emails in DMS.

Sync Outlook and Legal Calendar

Appointments and tasks are synced in both directions between Outlook and department calendars.

Outlook law firm email management

Frequently Asked Questions

Governance must be published by practice area leaders on the best practices, and training to save emails as matter records. Emails from clients and counter parties must be saved with documents in client matter folder hierarchy. Email repository must be accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Software that integrates with email client like Outlook. Legal specific app is added to Outlook for users to save email communications with metadata to matter folder. Matter files can be attached to outgoing emails. Productivity tools like converting offices documents to PDF and enterprise-wide search must be available from legal email app.

PageLightPrime is the best email management software that offers secure and collaborative platform of emails records. Access emails management solution form Outlook desktop, web and mobile.