Legal Case Management Software on Microsoft 365

All-in-One Law Firm Management Software: Your Complete Practice Solution

From Client Intake to Final Invoice. No need for external integrations

Legal Case Management Software on Microsoft 365

Features of PageLightPrime

Case Management

Everything Your Law Firm and Clients Need

Client Intake

Effortlessly attract and acquire new customers

Billing and Payments

Easily create bills and ensure timely payments

Multicurrency Accounts

Say goodbye to QuickBooks® or Xero®

Document Management

Access case files from anywhere, anytime

Practice Management Solution, one platform for all your law firm needs

Legal Technology for Paralegals, Timekeepers, Attorneys, and Partners. Software for Leads, Clients, Matters, and Billing.

Management Software for all law firms

Start your law firm’s digital transformation journey with PageLightPrime. Legal CRM, Client Onboarding, Legal Workflow, Accounting Solution to Analytics – We have it all covered

Small law firms

High ambitions powered by PageLightPrime. Reduce overheads through automation and increase revenue with end-to-end cloud solutions.

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Mid-sized law firms

Software that scales with your growth, providing client self-service experiences on a branded collaboration platform backed by an empowered legal team.

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Large law firms

Empower your large law firm’s growth with PageLightPrime. Deliver client-centric experiences on a branded collaboration platform supported by a legal team.

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Enhance Your Law Firm’s Growth Through Effective Lead Management

Experience accelerated growth with our lead management system, offering a comprehensive view of your prospective client pipeline. Attorneys and staff can efficiently monitor leads from initial contact to signing, identifying opportunities for expansion.

Effortlessly Tailor Web-Based Client Intake Forms Across Practice Areas

Streamline the client intake process from start to finish, while automating retainer agreement creation.

Transform Your Client Intake and Relationship Management with PageLightPrime CRM

PageLightPrime CRM, tailored for the legal industry, maximizes profits by streamlining client intake and prospective client tracking. It fosters engagement, ensuring that existing clients return for services.

Client Intake Forms Across Practice Areas

Maximize Your Time’s Value with Timekeeping Tools

Efficiently convert minutes into revenue with PageLightPrime’s integrated timekeeping system. Utilize mobile timers that prompt you to document time promptly, preventing billable hours from slipping through the cracks.

Maximize Your Time’s Value with Timekeeping Tools

Effortlessly monitor billable hours across all your devices. Choose between multiple timers or easily convert calendar events into time entries. Seamlessly attribute your time to the appropriate cases using Tags for streamlined tracking.

Expense Tracking

Easily track expenses across all your devices. Record expenses and link them to the relevant cases, ensuring a seamless and efficient expense tracking process.

Time’s Value with Timekeeping Tools

Trust Account Management with Automated Accounting Tools

Our integrated accounting system simplifies and automates trust account management, relieving you of compliance-related burdens. PageLightPrime efficiently handles fund allocations and expense tracking, including intricate processes like 3-way reconciliations.

Enjoy the benefits of automatic bank feeds that seamlessly synchronize your financial data with PageLightPrime. Additionally, access a comprehensive array of reports to provide the necessary documentation for effective management and ongoing compliance.

Trust Account Management

Elevate Your Case Management with Legal Document Management Software

Legal Document Management Software, powered by Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, redefines how law firms handle document organization and control. Say goodbye to paper files and unwieldy folders; this software offers streamlined document categorization, version control, access permissions, and advanced search capabilities. Seamless integration into Microsoft 365 and SharePoint enables cloud-based collaboration, secure document sharing, and robust management tools, making it essential for legal professionals seeking efficiency and control.

Legal Document Management Software

Effortless Client Communication from Anywhere

PageLightPrime, a leading legal technology, handles the heavy lifting behind the scenes for your firm, ensuring seamless client communication.

Streamline Document Creation

Simplify the process of generating your legal documents. Easily create, edit, and send multiple documents in one efficient batch.

Client Portal

Accelerate your intake process by seamlessly syncing client information from automated intake forms. Customize fields and tags to capture and track essential case details.

Practice areas we serve

Family Law

Divorce cases, child custody or family law matters made simpler with PageLightPrime. Counsel clients during their difficult times and be profitable

Real Estate Law

Escrow account management and workflow to guide lawyers on task to be performed around different real estate deadlines. Single or on-block transactions are the same

Estate Planning law

Wills, Estate or Probate manage your client needs and expectations with ease. Collect information from clients and generate documents to be shared through client portal

Personal Injury Law

Claims process for your clients and organizing documents for your litigation proceedings. Accident or injury cases are onboarded with client intake and workflow for tracking tasks

Employment Law

Generate employment contracts based on federal and state regulations and keep updated with the changes. GDPR compliance for storing personal data

Criminal Law

Access case documents from court, prison or when meeting clients so you are always productive. Work offline on your files. East access to justice for your clients

Core Solutions

Time tracking and Legal Billing

Timekeepers can record time against tasks like document review to sending emails with single click. Customized matter billing based on job title, user, or contingency. Never miss billable hours.

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Law Office Accounting

Legal accounting with Trust and Retainer account management will ensue compliance with bar association requirements. Custom reports to view and analyze practice financial standing and health.

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Legal CRM

Track leads efficiently, maximize conversions, and embed client intakes on your website. Marketing automations and email campaigns are strategically crafted for a superior client experience.

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Legal Case Management

Client Matter centric workspace to view case details in one place, like, Journals, Tasks, Relationship and Appointments. World class document and email management solution with sophisticated search.

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