Real Estate Law Conveyancing Software

PageLightPrime helps law firms to close residential or commercial deals.  Assemble bank documents, disclosures and settlement statement of account guided by workflow.  Trust accounting handles retainers with ease.

Essentials of Conveyancing Solution

Essentials of Conveyancing Solution

Organize real estate cases

Represent buyer or seller, the lessor or lessee, lender, or guarantor, commercial or residential, PageLightPrime can support your needs.   Organized in client matter hierarchy with external collaboration available through client portal.

Collect data on real estate transactions

Property details, land title searches, escrow requirements and supporting documents are all obtained from government service and saved in document management system.  Custom fields to store any kind of deal information. Generate documents from matter cover pages, metadata, and custom fields.

Escrow fund management

Approvals for withdrawals and automatic generation of recipients for clients, to guarantee compliance is met.  Trust accounting ledgers and bank reconciliation available as per your governance requirements

Customized billing for real estate cases

Track time and get paid based on any one of many custom billing methods, flat, hourly or stages.  Disbursements and expenses can be created automatically when connecting with external services like land searches or credit reports.

Document Assembly for Real Estate Lawyers

Automate document creation from case, client, property, and bank details.  Create and manage templates with ease.  Share documents with external users and other side attorney through client portal.  Loan agreements to mandatory walk-through documents can be generated automatically.

Organize calendar, emails, and tasks

Stay on top of critical deadlines

Transaction milestones like closing dates are never missed and integrated with Outlook calendar. Two-way sync keeps allows lawyers to keep daily activities and schedules organized.

Save emails in case folders

Outlook integration allows incoming and outgoing emails to be saved in matter workspace.  Anyone working in the deal can see the contact history

Know what needs to be done for each case

Matter dashboard displays the last activity performed and workflow determines the next task to be performed based on transaction and property type

Organize calendar, emails, and tasks

Grow your real estate practice

Grow your real estate practice

Track your leads

Understand the lead source and referrals within the Legal CRM software Identify the effective campaigns that generate leads and focus on understanding the ways in which clients discover your services.

Engage the clients

Communicate and inform them on status and next steps.  Workflow, email templates, automatic appointments to keep clients always informed on the progress of their transactions.

Real estate intake forms

Customize intake forms with your law firm branding to collect information and files from the clients.  No programming required and trigger workflows from the submitted forms to create checklist of tasks.