Accept Legal Client Payments Online with PageLightPrime Payments

Checks, Credit Cards and Online payments for your service, with full support for
Trust Account Payment

Receive Payments Faster

Multiple ways for your clients to pay for your services

  • Online Payments – Credit Card, Client Checking or Savings Account
  • Receive Payments in Office – Credit Card or Checks

Reminder notifications can be sent, and Invoice published to Client Portal, if required. Clients can pay from their Mobile phone

Legal Online Payments Credit Card

Earned or Unearned Fees

We handle your IOLTA compliance requirements and segregate the payments received as per IOLTA guidelines. Receive payments for Retainers, Trusts or Invoices through Credit Card, Client Checking or Savings Account

PageLightPrime deposits Trusts or Retainers to Client Trust Account. Credit card processing fees or Bank charges are deducted from Operating Account

Earned Unearned IOLTA Retainer

Simple Credit Card Transaction Fees and Free eCheck Processing

No surprises. PageLightPrime Payments charge a flat 3% fees for credit card transactions. Online payments from Client Checking or Saving Accounts are free

eCheck ACH Credit Card Lawyer