Legal Billing Software for Lawyers

Simple invoicing, Better billing and Faster payments

Customizable Invoices

Add your Law Firm’s branding to Client Friendly Invoices. Logos, Letterhead or custom messages can be added to Invoices and shared by email or client portal – Always get paid quickly.

Customize Invoices Legal Case Management
Batch Invoice Generation Legal

Invoice Generation

Create Invoices one at a time or Batch Invoice generation can create monthly invoices in minutes. Clients can receive Invoices by Email or access through Client Portal. Receive Payments, send payment reminders, apply discounts or credits. Generate reports on open invoices and overdue invoices, across organization grouped by Attorney or Practice Area.

All Clients are not Equal

Pick your Billing option for the Client or Matter – Hourly, Flat Rate, Pro Bono or on a contingency basis. Whatever works for you, we can support it

Hourly Fixed Fees Retainer Contingency
Online Payments Trust Account

PageLightPrime Payments

Receive payments through Credit Cards, get paid from Retainers maintained in Client Trust Account, or Clients can opt to pay from them their Savings or Checking Account