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PageLightPrime Legal Calendaring for Law Firms

Sync Contacts and Calendar to Office 365. One Calendar accessible anywhere and anytime

Legal Calendaring for your firm

Color coded calendars for Cases, Practices and Teams. Daily, weekly and monthly views available in your desktop, and mobile devices. Calendar can be shared with other team members and clients

Legal Calendar Court Dates
Sync Legal Calendar Contacts Office 365

Sync with Office 365

Your Calendar and Contacts are synced with Office 365. Court dates created in PageLightPrime can be accessed from your Outlook and Contacts edited in Office 365 will be synced back

Build your Court Rules

Never miss a filing deadline by built in Court Rules. PageLightPrime will auto schedule important court deadlines based on Court and Case type. Deadlines and Milestones are calculated automatically accounting for weekends for major US jurisdictions