Law Firm Client Intake Software

Capture and engage prospects from anywhere. Eliminate manual data entry by Lawyers.
Legal Marketing made easy

Client Intake Form Builder

Create forms for client onboarding, one for every Practice, by simple drag and drop. Forms can be sent to potential clients, or published in your public Website

Legal client intake form
Lead management integrated with CRM

Effective Lead Management

Legal CRM integrated with Practice Management. Review the data filled by your leads and qualify them. Apply business rules and set reminders for follow-up

Avoid Duplicate data entry

Reduce human error as the data entered by Leads are saved to ‘Smart Lists’. Contact or Matters can be created automatically. Email Marketing Campaigns can be launched, and the metrics are measured for various KPI

Duplicate data intake form
Legal document intake form

Automatic Engagement and Retainer document generation

Use the data entered by Leads to generate agreements, without need for data to be entered again. Get electronic signature from the clients – Go paperless

Share intake forms online

Eliminate paper and manual errors when completing the form over phone. Share the public form in your website, send as a link through email drip campaign and WhatsApp. Once completed, create or update opportunity and matter details through legal workflow.

Share public intake form in law firm website
Law firm client intake forms

Maintain Lead data quality

Perform automated duplicate checks and conflict search on the potential clients before engaging. Concentrate only on opportunities that have higher probability of closing. Import leads or email mailing list from third party source through integration services.

Dynamic form builder or templates

Reuse from library of existing templates of intake forms with custom fields, created based on practice are or clients touch point. Edit templates or create new forms based on business development team requirements.

Build legal intake form
Client intake forms in law firms

Attract Clients from anywhere

Serve client beyond your borders. Multi language intake forms to collect client data irrespective of their physical location. Publish intake forms to social media platform and track leads generated through campaigns.

Increase website engagements

Embed intake forms in law office web site to optimize lead conversions from website. Site visitors who are potential clients can submit inquiry and request is routed to right internal resources. Engage then real time to increase the chances of conversion.

Attorney client intake software

Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking leads in spreadsheet leads to inefficiency as follow up activities might be missed by the sales team. Intake software displays all opportunities in one place and upcoming activities are listed in the group calendar, so clients are always engaged. Eliminate manual data entry when generating quotes or scheduling appointments.

PageLightPrime client intake software integrates with legal practice management solution for law firms to serve clients from inquiry to final invoice, making it the only software needed by law offices for the entire client journey.

Practice area leaders can get an overview of potential clients in the pipeline for better planning. Leads can be grouped by stages, departments and requiring follow-ups.

Once the lead sign their fee agreement, they are converted to client and matter is created in case management solution without the need to manually enter the information once again.