Matter Numbering

PageLightPrime allows for great flexibility when setting up how your Matters will be customized. It’s a simple and convenient way for you to identify your Matters. To do this, click on the Matter Numbering button under ‘Application Settings’.

A page like the below appears.

When creating a new Matter, enter the number at which PageLightPrime should start numbering your matters. This number will always be auto incremented whenever a new Matter is created.

You can also add or customize additional fields to the matter number by choosing from the drop-down box on the left. Select the desired field and click Add.

Other than choosing fields from this list, PageLightPrime also allows you to type your own text which will also be reflected in the case number once you click Update in the box on the right.

You can also see your Matter number then and there on the top, as you keep updating the Matter number with various fields. Thus PageLightPrime’s Matter numbering is designed to provide information within the Matter number itself.