OBC Butchery Franchise Latest South African company to select ContractPrime from PageLightPrime

Johannesburg May 29, 2020 – PageLightPrime, today announced that leading South African franchise-based butchery retailer OBC Butchery has become the latest company to adopt ContractPrime as its Contract and Compliance platform. An integral component of the PageLightPrime Business Management Solution, ContractPrime offers robust Contract Lifecycle Management, automation capabilities and a scalable platform to help general counsels manage contract compliance, governance and risk aspects of their business.

OBC decision to use ContractPrime represents growth in South Africa for PageLightPrime. Implementation of the market-leading functionality of ContractPrime will allow OBC to more accurately capture contract compliance and obligations in order to make better-informed decisions. For an organization with growing regional presence, the unique Contract Life Cycle Management capabilities of ContractPrime on Microsoft 365 will be key, allowing round-the-clock access to the platform from wherever the in-house counsels are in the country.

ContractPrime will be the digital transformation engagement for OBC Legal Department. The choice of ContractPrime was attributable to the scalability of the platform, allowing OBC legal counsel to streamline and automate their day-to-day business functions and improve overall productivity. Real time reporting capabilities and customizable dashboards, with the ability to drill down and slice and dice the data to give a holistic view of the department’s performance are available. With lawyers who are specialized in various areas of the contract law, the Legal department can come together as a team to provide a comprehensive range of legal solutions that are structured to meet the needs of the company helping to grow their franchise.

“ContractPrime’s legal solution has revolutionized the way we manage our contracts and compliance in our organisation, which has saved us time and money.” Morne van Dyk- Group Legal Counsel for OBC

“OBC decision to adopt ContractPrime to manage their contract management needs shows the platform capabilities to scale up any legal department’s contract and compliance needs”, stated Chandra Jeganathan, Director of PageLightPrime. “Contract Management Solution integrated with Matter Management allows the in-house lawyers to track the legal spend of the outside counsels on matter level. One solution can deliver all the capabilities available on any device accessible from anywhere”

ContractPrime offers powerful core contract management features and built-in workflow development capabilities—all seamlessly integrated on Office 365 collaboration platform. Designed to enable legal departments to become agile in responding to BU and client needs. ContractPrime capabilities are delivered though consistent Web and Outlook user experience for lawyers and staff to easily track and manage Contracts activity across the organization. Contract Automation allows legal secretaries and business managers create Contracts based on the templates developed by the Legal department. Standard contracts which does not need lawyer review can be generated immediately through end user self-service portal.

PageLightPrime is the leading Alternative Legal Service Provider of innovative legal management solutions that enable law firms and in-house legal departments to streamline operations on a smart collaborative platform into all aspects of their businesses. PageLightPrime is focused on enabling law firms and legal departments of all sizes, practices and locations to achieve their optimal service needs of their clients and business

More information about PageLightPrime can be found at www.pagelightprime.com