Outlook Integration for Legal Document Management Solution

Singapore May 8, 2020 – PageLightPrime, a leading Legal Practice Management Solution has announced the availability of Outlook integration for their Legal Document Management System. The Email Management solution, which is available for both desktop and web Outlook version, connects to Microsoft Office 365 to provide sophisticated filing capabilities both online and offline. PageLightPrime solution makes it easier to capture, organize and search business-critical communications and offers a consistent way to file and manage emails, email attachments – or both. All these are performed from familiar Outlook environment

Full functionality of DMS is now available in Outlook. Matters are presented as folders in Outlook. Documents can be previewed, downloaded and opened directly from Outlook. Office documents can be opened directly for editing and saved to Cloud without the need to specify any file location. All DMS features like Check In, Check Out, Versioning, Version History and Version Override can be performed from Outlook. Email Management bundled with Document Management allows filing of emails and attachments in client matter folders with drag and drop

Windows App is also bundled with the solution allowing DMS to be accessed like file explorer. Files and folders can be moved to Case files by simply dragging into the DMS explorer. Alternatively, contents can be right clicked and ‘Save to DMS’ option is presented to be move the files with single click.

“We wanted technology to help our clients deliver exceptional legal services with ease and little training. Outlook is already in everyone’s desktop and users are comfortable using Outlook. It’s a natural choice to make Document Management Solution integrated with Outlook”, stated Chandra Jeganathan, Director of PageLightPrime. “Our DMS is the modern and mature cloud platform to manage documents and emails for any Legal organization needs. Clients trust PageLightPrime Case Management Solution for delivering the security, mobility, and productivity platform”

Plugin allows emails that are locked in individual inboxes will be part of the shared and governed engagement process. Users can manage emails and documents, even do client collaboration and more, from inside the familiar Office and Outlook interfaces.

More information about PageLightPrime can be found at www.pagelightprime.com