Document Automation for VC Firms from PageLightPrime announced

Singapore March 24, 2020 – PageLightPrime has announced the release of AI based business solution, “Venture Capital Agreements”, to generate investment agreements. The process was built and offered through PageLightPrime’s no code regtech platform, which can address wide range of regulatory requirements, for various verticals. including monitoring and reporting of the industry compliance needs.

Venture Capital Agreements are set of contract templates for both investor and company seeking early stage funding. Parties involved can spend more time on negotiating issues specific to the deal and the clauses can be incorporated into the documents. Documents required from Seed funding to Series A can be generated.

Users will be taken through self-guided interview where they will be asked to enter information about the specifics of the deal. At the end of questionaries’ multiple documents will be generated in Microsoft Word format and users can customize further to suit their needs

Law firms can offer this as service to their end clients, with agreement generator available in their web sites. Clients can generate standard investment agreements without the additional help. For any bespoke deals, Law firms can be involved, helping them generate additional business. Legal Industries must not look at this as commoditization of templates and focus

PageLightPrime developed VCA by listening to Law firms, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. Users understand VCA to represent a contract that protects the interests of investors and company, helping both parties to reach the middle ground comfortably by decreasing the scope of open items.

VCA project has been a huge success since its launch and process driven document generation have reduced the costs and times associated with early stage financing. Customers implementing this solution will benefit from complete, real-time document generation, regardless of which round of funding they intend to raise capital. The highest levels of security will be maintained as the process respects the compliance and audit demands of the VC firms.

“Our customers expect the best legal work solution and we are always keen to deliver a regtech platform helping them build compliance solutions to suit their business and industry needs” Chandra Jeganathan, Director, PageLightPrime said. “PageLightPrime is a proven and leading solution in the legal workflow and case management space, and it makes sense for us to deliver compliance solutions in partnership with our VC clients”

VC firms and Law offices wanting to provide additional value-added services to their client please contact PageLightPrime to understand the types of documents that can be automated and regulatory process that can supported.

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