PageLightPrime introduces Contract Management Solution

Singapore, March 29, 2019 – PageLightPrime is the software dedicated to transforming how legal professionals work. PageLightPrime has introduced an integrated solution for contract management to helps replacing the tedious tasks involved in manual contract management process. This initiative starts with automating the contract lifecycle process to bring in some form of governance and control. The solution aims at automating, drafting, storing, organizing and monitoring contracts to bring improvements in productivity and visibility in the contract lifecycle.

The software is targeted to in-house counsels to provide legal service to their business units, including collaboration with external counsels.

The Contract Management feature has been rolled out in PageLightPrime platform and is now available for use across all business verticals which has the need to manage contract lifecycle. A standard workflow for contract-related practices is set up and is ready for use.

The contract management software allows users to create document templates and generate contracts as per the business requirement. PageLightPrime takes full control over the quality of the draft. Once created, the contract is sent to negotiators for the pre-negotiations and agreements. Once negotiated, the contract is sent to approvers where the Contract Approvers and Signing parties come to an agreement about the scope of the contract. PageLightPrime’s Contract Management Solution is developed with transparent approval workflow process to ensure that all types of contracts are reviewed and approved by the right person. The mutually-agreed terms are captured in the contract document. When all the approvals have been made and both parties are satisfied with the terms laid out in the contract and the contract is final, it is sent for digital signature to be signed by all relevant people, and the signed copies are sent out to the Executors and signed version is uploaded in the platform. The solution also validates that the final signed version was not modified in any way after execution copies were sent out. The contract confirms that all milestones are met, and objectives executed during the contract period. Renewals can be alerted before the contract expiry period. Tracking the contract at every phase can be done at ease.

Contract automation software allows business owners to assemble their own contracts by answering interview type questions. Standard contracts can be executed without the need to be tied in time consuming approval process.

PageLightPrime’ Contract Management solution has been deployed seamlessly with the existing legal practice management system and helps legal professionals streamline the Contract Lifecycle Management, thereby optimizing the contract performance with reduced cost and helping law firms to deliver great client work.

About PageLightPrime

PageLightPrime is the leading provider of legal management solutions and is the only tool for running and organizing any solo, small, medium or large law firm practice. PageLightPrime provides everything needed to run a law firm like – Office Apps, Document and Email Management, Case Management, Contract Management, Time Tracking and Billing System and Document Automation. PageLightPrime is integrated and built on top of Office 365.

Since its establishment in January 2019, PageLightPrime has grown into a celebrated service provider by pioneering modern techniques and the use of technology in the legal profession to render the best legal services to clients at a managed cost. PageLightPrime is the only legal technology to navigate client from intake to invoice.

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