Process Automation using Practice Management Solution

Workflows, RPA and Machine Learning – Where to start and Why we need it

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on February 14, 2019.

Client expectations are driving changes in law firms towards automation. What is legal process automation, and this is no longer a buzz word. Does this increases client satisfaction and profitability

Process Automation and Legal Technology

Practice Management Software is designed to plan, execute and actively manage and automate repetitive legal activities. While maintaining and managing SOP for various practices in law firm can be a nightmare for most of the attorneys, a right practice management software can serve as a perfect guide to streamline law firms’ processes and workflows efficiently. Using a practice management software can save up both time and money, ultimately help reducing Law firm’s burden and lawyers’ stress levels and allowing them to enjoy their law practices.

Automation – The First Step

Typical law office performs serious of activities like gathering client intake forms for client onboarding, managing matters, generating document, tracking activities, expenses and many such. Automating these processes with the help of technology assistants can help law firms to get rid of repetitive processes and to reduce or avoid manual errors, thus making the firm more productive. Practice Management Software can automate many legal processes that we previously could not even imagine.

1. Intake Forms

Intake forms are used to gather matter details from clients, so case file can be created without the need for double entry of data. Intake form must have the ability to obtain both personal and matter-specific information. Practice Management Software allows to conveniently prepare different intake templates based on the nature of matter being handled practice the developed forms can be distributed to clients or filled by the secretaries. The software helps to structure the intake process and procedures as that’s the first opportunity to make a good impression with the clients and to collect all the necessary data either as self-service without the need for Lawyers to spend their time to enter the data manually.

2. Digital Documents and Storage Process

Practice Management Software gives the greatest benefit of going paper-less and lets attorneys to easily manage files and access firm’s precedents. With digital documents, not only is the cost associated with managing and storing paper documents reduced, but also the built-in flexibility in accessing matter related documents is increased. Matter documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device. Documents will be tagged during the filing process, as determined by firm’s knowledge management framework. This leads to creating organized DMS that fit into law firm’s workflow for knowledge retention and future legal research tool.

3. Document Generation Process

The common and frequent tasks for lawyers is to generate documents such as contracts, affidavits, pleadings, and routine judiciary forms.

Much of those document-generating workflows can be automated through Document Assembly that allows to automate the creation of professional documents by generating them from pre-built customized templates. This is carried out by prompting the users to answer a series of relevant questions. Based on the input provided by the users, the software inserts the appropriate data and elements and generates a document that can be uploaded in DMS like SharePoint or Office 365 and can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat, etc. The legal documents can be prepared in the desired format based on precedents and shared across the case team members for further collaboration.

4. Sophisticated Workflow Processes

Workflows helps to create a list of pre-set tasks that can be re-used with any contact or matter. This can be particularly useful to follow a regulated environment when multiple team members are following the same processes. A Practice Management Software can build a good work flow for law firms to ensure work proceeds smoothly and all the activities are monitored and tracked.

Workflow help in creating the following functionalities

  • Automatic Task Creation
  • Creating Appointments
  • Sending Emails
  • Generating documents and sending for review
  • Automatic approvals
  • Sending Forms to client for additional details
  • Triggers to remind on due date
  • Get popup, email, & SMS reminders

Benefits of Workflow

Get Freed from Administrative Burden: Workflows provide a more systematic approach to the law firms through streamlined operations across the firm. Task creation, reviewing and approval can be automated through the workflows, effort spent on administrative duties and follow ups are reduced and minimizing the time spent on non-billable administrative tasks.

Better allocation of Resources: With Practice Management workflow software, law firms can understand and log the work allotted to each resource and determine work allocation each lawyers at any given time. Performance metrics includes when each task was assigned, started, and completed thereby allowing to better allocate resources based on skill and productivity. A well-designed workflow enables staff to complete each task faster.

Improved Client Satisfaction: Workflows can extend to clients providing them status updates on the cases and allowing them to collaborate and be informed on the progress made in the case files. Tasks can be assigned to external counsels and clients, requesting additional case details or meetings can be scheduled as part of the SOP. Documents can be assigned to counter parties for review as part of workflow tasks. Attorneys can provide clients with more responsive and reliable legal service and deliver the competitive edge needed to increase their customer base and grow the business.

PageLightPrime – The Complete Practice Management Software Solution

Gift your firm with the benefit of a complete practice management software solution like PageLightPrime that is designed for the needs of a modern law firm. PageLightPrime makes sure that your law firm’s activities are being carried out and there is nothing to fear. Workflow can be designed based on Matter practice area and be changed by the business to suit the client specific needs. The software tightens the best law practices, streamlines law firm’s workflow and keeps systems in place to make sure that law firm’s successes are consistent.