How to build Client Centered Law Firms using Legal Technology

Digital Transformation in Law Firms to improve client relationship and making client experience special

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on November 25, 2018.

Legal Technology will transform law office, to better understand client needs and make them feel included along the lifecycle of the Case. Self-service report generation, effective Collaboration and easy access to Attorney – Digital Transformation can make it happen

Clients – the biggest asset for any Law Firm

How to build Client Centered Law Firms

For any lawyer or a law firm, one of the primary responsibilities is to understand the prominence and value of clients. Quantitative data is an important measure, but qualitative relationships with clients are the key to law firm’s success.

From a law firm’s perspective, when you are networking or trying to make new contacts for your business, it is important to understand what clients expect from an attorney. It’s also vital to build a relationship with anyone you meet as it can lead to new opportunities.

Quite obviously, a lawyer cannot exercise his/ her skills without clients and clients cannot reach up to the lawyer without knowing that a particular lawyer has the specific skills needed.

Client centered approach

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Client-centered approach means designing your law firm’s strategy based on your firm’s client’s behaviors and needs. In other words, you must understand the nature of your clients thoroughly, their expectations, their issues and how they go about trying to solve those issues. Once you understand your clients and their pain points, you can use that knowledge to build a client centered approach.

Go the extra mile

Client Portal for Law Firms and Attorneys

A firm can employ multiple techniques to become client – centric using Legal Technology. Digital Transformation of Law Firms is the core in adopting the Legal Technology that adopts to changing needs of the clients

Solicit feedback from clients in a variety of ways such as making them take up electronic client surveys, in-person client interviews at the client’s offices, feedback sessions etc.

Compile the key takeaways from the conducted client interviews of your firm and identify themes that can help lawyers to better serve their client base. These ideas include practical steps you can immediately implement to become a more client service-oriented lawyer.

There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ concept in law firms. At the end of the day, every client is unique, and lawyers who can tailor the customer experience will succeed. For example, certain clients prefer email for communication while others prefer phone call.

Build relationships with your clients

Legal Technology for building client centered law firms

Clients appreciate lawyers who build relationships with them. This can be done through face-to-face meetings, or sometimes with just emails and phone calls. Respond promptly to client needs and bring the voice of the client to the firm. Social media can also be used to cultivate new business relationships and collaborate with clients. For firms with established clients, consider inviting key client representatives to participate in the meetings to directly share the voice of the client with the attorneys.

To maintain a healthy relationship with your clients, for every issue of the client, step into your client’s shoe and look at the issue and solve it for them. It’s not rocket science, all it requires is to know your clients perfectly!

Legal technology for modern clients

Collaboration with legal clients using Legal Technology

Technology has already shaped the legal industry and will have a major role to play in the time to come. Firms that want to stay ahead of the curve in the market need to invest in a client-centric approach bearing in mind that the business runs for the clients and because of clients. Law firms should adopt legal technology in their practice and be willing to adjust their mindset according to change and break away from limitations often synonymous with the traditional practice of law and find a way to continually deliver value to clients.

Having the basics of technological competence is a good way to make an impression with the clients. Attorneys being accessible by the clients and understanding what clients want in an attorney will give the advantage needed to build your firm’s business. Legal Technology helps Attorneys achieve this need, anytime and anywhere on any device.

How can we help

Legal Clients online communication collaboration

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At PageLightPrime, we try to improve the transparency and trust between you and your clients, leading to happier and more profitable clients for your law firm! You can assign tasks to your clients, share documents with them, invite them to meetings, give reminders about court dates, send them invoices and get paid, etc. If allowed, your clients will be able to view all outstanding invoices, their trust account balance, and be able to pay you online. PageLightPrime client portal can be branded so the client experience can be customized. Collaboration with clients is made easy without the need to send emails, follow up emails and reminder emails.

It’s a fact that innovation is essential for the future of legal practice and that’s exactly what we provide you. You can also reap the benefits of relevant technology for your law firm so that you can manage your clients effectively and provide them with the best customer experience ever.