Document Management System vs Document Assembly

Legally speaking, both features must be in integrated in Legal Matter Management Solution, while understanding the differences

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on December 03, 2018.

Legal DMS manages case documents and emails while Assembly helps with the easier creation of contents based on precedents, templates and forms. Law firm needs both the solution for efficient operation

What is Document Management vs Document Assembly

Legal Document Assembly vs. DMS

Documents are the most valuable assets of any law firm. Having that in mind, it’s highly important to employ Document Management and Document Assembly techniques which will not only simplify your time and cost but will also serve as the best legal assistant for attorneys and law firms. In a nut shell, Document Management can bring an order and organized look to your documents while document assembly can produce high quality documents in minutes through interactive templates.

Effective File Management with Legal DMS

Document Management Solution vs Legal Automation

Documents pertaining to a Case can be organized in the Matter dashboard of a Legal Case Management Solution. Document creation is made easier and is integrated with Office products like Outlook. Documents or folders can be easily dragged or dropped in the outlook to be transferred to the cloud case files. All the matter related documents can be tracked from Outlook, allowing users to be trained in one interface. Legal Technology allows files to be previewed, shared, collaborated and commented from DMS.

With the Version History feature of document management, easily make changes to your documents and the automated versioning captures every change done to the document in SharePoint or other preferred document store. Comments can be added to the updated version, making it easy to manage for easier document version changes. It is simple to roll back to a previous version if needed.

Stay organized with your documents

Contract Automation and Legal DMS

Document Management allows instant access to all of firm’s documents and case files from any internet device making it available for you, anytime and anywhere. You can feel confident about your sensitive data or files as Document management facilitates security of your documents and validates it is never mishandled or compromised with secure document storage. All the actions the users perform can be logged, satisfying audit requirements. Documents can be viewed or edited by third parties only when the permission is granted for them. Document sharing can be done internally among the team members as well as externally to the clients or contacts.

Automate the creation of legal documents with document assembly

Document Automation on Legal Document Management Solution

Document Assembly allows Law Firms to automate the creation of professional documents by generating them from pre-built customized intelligent templates. This technology makes it possible to draft even the most complex documents in a fraction of the time without making any mistakes and reduces repeated task. This shortens the time for document preparation and increases the efficiency of your practice. It also reduces the time spent on retrieving case related information from multiple sources such as Cases, CRM Application, Contacts of the Case or any billing system.

How document assembly works

Legal precedents on Legal DMS

Users are prompted to answer a series of relevant questions. It is as easy as filling in the blanks in interviews Based on the input provided by the users, the appropriate data and elements of the master template are then automatically inserted into the final document, which is generated by the software and then returned to them. The completed documents can be uploaded to Legal Matter Management and can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat, You can create legal documents in your desired format and share it across the firm. Legal departments can provide self-service capabilities to business users to create contracts

Quick benefits

Document Assembly for online generating documents

Document Assembly covers a wide area of benefits such as minimizing cumbersome manual filling of repetitive documents, generating your own well-done documents on a self-service basis, generating online documents and getting digital signature for validation and ultimately saving a lot of time and to go paper-less

  • Manage changes in your documents
  • Version History
  • Easy to roll back
  • Document Security
  • Document sharing – both internal and external
  • Robust document organization
  • Metadata tagging for effective search
  • Advanced searching techniques
  • Add Files to SharePoint from Outlook
  • Replaces the manual approach of drafting documents
  • Document Automation
  • Contract Automation
  • Speedy creation of documents from templates
  • Minimizes data entry and paper usage
  • Reduces risks associated with human errors
  • Saves proof reading time
  • Reduces repeated work
  • ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF’ or Self-service approach

Document Management, Assembly and PageLightPrime

Document automation and Assembly for Attorneys

Prepare for the future of lawyering with PageLightPrime’s Document Management and Document Assembly features. The case management solution offers client matter portal with integrated Legal DMS and Contract Automation features. Templates for Legal documents and judiciary forms can be managed in PageLightPrime, allowing easier creation of documents. Generated documents can be managed, shared and collaborate from Outlook and matter portal. PageLightPrime allows easier way to tag the documents by business users for effective content search, respecting all the case security requirements