Client Experience, Law Office and Legal Technology

Modern Law Firms adopt Legal Technology for offering improved client relationship and experience

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on January 12, 2019.

Legal CRM, client portal for offering legal self-service for end clients, Document Automation for business users and newsletters are ways to improve client experience through Legal Technology. Modern Law firms and Legal Technology to provide personalized client experience

Client Experience – a new competitive advantage for Law Firms

Majority of new businesses grows from existing and previous clients. Hence, it’s very important to satisfy clients who will continue to choose services from the same law firms or potentially recommend to others and in turn act as brand ambassadors for the law firms.

Some of the client focused approaches

Be an effective communicator : Good communication skills are an important factor to maintain a healthy relationship with the clients. It helps both attorneys and clients to gain clarity about the case being dealt. In case of any change in requirements from the client’s side, the attorney’s ability to communicate well can help in adapting to the change easily. Speaking effectively leaves no room for errors as attorneys and clients will have a solid understanding of the client’s issue that is being fixed. This sort of understanding will lead to a long-lasting relationship between the two. Communications need not always be oral, it can be through ways that are the most convenient to clients, say the text messages or email communications. But make sure, communications are made frequently, and clients are kept updated.

Be swift with clients : Clients expect their queries to be answered as quickly as possible and in a polite manner. It’s obvious that a client looking for legal assistance, will wish to get it sooner rather than later. Being patient and polite to clients is equally important, as it is a sign of respect and a reflection of the Law Firm itself and its reputation.

Streamline every process – make it easy for clients

Streamlining the legal processes can save up a lot of time for the attorneys and the clients and the result is productivity. Focusing on areas that consume a lot of time and working on it for making greater improvisations can bring out a systematic work flow and make it more accurate, effective and efficient. Integrating various processes and tools can be one way of streamlining the legal activities. When processes such as form filling, sharing and tracking case related documents, settling invoices, etc. are streamlined, clients find it easy to work with, by investing less time and efforts. Clients like it when they are served everything best in a single plate.

Invest in technology

The legal industry can no more be conservative. Technology adoption and innovation are tools to stay ahead of the curve in today’s legal market. Through technology, many legal processes can be automated and redundant time-consuming activities can be eliminated. With the help of legal software, clients can receive and pay billing and firms can now store voluminous case files electronically and track, edit, search and share documents. Clients can access information anytime online and get their work done on the go. This is the kind of work style that modern clients prefer and employing technological competence is a good way to make an impression with the clients.

Client satisfaction surveys

The best way to ensure if clients are satisfied is through surveys. It is the best tool to get their opinions, complains or feedbacks and to identify if there are any more services being expected from the clients. Client Interviews can also be conducted, and the key takeaways can be considered to serve the clients better. This can provide the platform for strategic business planning and make the clients understand that they are valued.

Insights provide exceptional client service

  • Make sure client data are kept secure and confidential.
  • Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and plan out activities accordingly for the clients.
  • Stay in touch on a regular basis even after service ends to reassure you are there to assist them whenever needed.
  • Provide advice for their matters in a convincing and friendly way.
  • Keep them informed about the status of their matters.
  • Provide the best of your service and ask to yourself “Am I living up to my client’s expectations?”
  • Gather feedback through electronic client surveys or in-person client interviews to know about how you are doing and to act on the feedback received.
  • It’s very important to answer client queries and listen to what clients have to say.
  • Adapt to the modern clients’ fast response expectations to create a larger client base.
  • Take time to appreciate and thank clients for their business and treat them accordingly.

Win clients with PageLightPrime

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Developing qualitative relationships with clients is the key to law firm’s success. Get the best possible experience for your law firm’s clients that is more enjoyable and more rewarding through PageLightPrime.