Why we need Legal Practice Management Solution

Digital Transformation in play. Benefits of Legal Technology and why adoption increases Law office survival and success

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on December 10, 2018.

Change in coming for Law offices and baseline technologies like Legal Case Management Solution must be implemented to rebrand as Modern Law Firms. Precursor is coming from Clients and Attorneys, and unwilling to change have unfair disadvantage to provide improved client services

Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Modern attorneys are finding Legal Technology to be their trusted differentiator from their competition and peers. It helps them work with improved efficiency and Practice or Matter Management Software keeps track of their workload to be managed from anyplace and anytime. The bottom line is always the improved client satisfaction.

HAll Matter Details in One Place

Why we need Legal Matter Management Solution

With legal case management, you can manage details of all matter from a single location, with every matter related contact, task, time entry and invoices linked to the matter. The centralized facilities offered by case management software enable everyone to upload and retrieve case related data from a single source, maximizing efficiency. The legal case management software allows case team members to quickly access matter/case information whenever and from wherever they need it.

On Time, Every Time

Benefits of Legal Technology in Law Firms

Any legal professional knows the value of meeting deadlines. Not being able to reach deadlines is bound to affect the results of any cases. Having a legal case management software can help you ease the burden of accomplishing time limits because it dramatically improves workflow and makes matter management simpler for you. Court dates, statute of limitations, appointments and meetings, can all be available and managed from single location.

Healthy Partnership with Clients

Advantages of Legal Practice Management System

Client satisfaction is critical for any law firm and Client – Attorney relationships are the main benefit of Legal Case Management. When you plan a matter ahead of time and are able to show your client each and every task along with how it’s budgeted, clients see the value they’re paying for. Transparency to your clients can easily win their trust and they will in turn act as referrals for your law firm.

Increased Efficiency means Increased Profitability

Digital transformation and Legal technology for Law Firms

Once you’ve completed several matters using Legal Case Management, you’ll start seeing where you can increase profitability of similar matters. With Legal Case Management, you will become more efficient as you repeat that matter, as precedents and workflow are already developed, but you’re still charging the same flat rate you established in the beginning. This translates to increased firm’s profit margin. Practice Leaders can view the workload distribution of their Team Members and you can allocate your resources with the goal of balancing between client’s objectives and your firm’s profitability.

Tangible Benefits Through Legal Case Management.

PageLightPrime Office 365 cloud legal technology solution
  • For today’s lawyers, having a legal case management software can track your billable hours and you are less likely to lose track of billable time.
  • Using Client Intake Forms, information gathering from clients can be quick, easy and error free.
  • Invoices can also be sent out promptly and accurately.
  • Automatic reminders can be set and sent to professionals to act when several important dates move closer.
  • Legal CRM can compile and track different client information, review the client data and organize them into a database.
  • Document Management gives an orderly look to Documents with security and document sharing features.
  • Outlook Integration Features enables availability of matter related data in Outlook folders.
  • Office 365 SharePoint Online based Legal solutions allows managing version history, content search and document retrieval from Matter workspace.
  • Document Assembly Features replaces the manual approach of drafting documents by automating the creation of documents from templates. This minimizes data entry and paper usage.

Case Management Software made easy with PageLightPrime

Office 365 Legal Case Files Management

Using PageLightPrime’s Practice Management software you can run your law firm at ease. Instead of using multiple websites or programs, we have combined everything you will ever need into one easy-to-use software package.

On the whole, PageLightPrime’s Legal Case Management software can be more advantageous as users can work from anywhere when using the software, and the work that it does automatically can save up a lot of time and money, freeing up staff to perform other duties, whilst greatly reducing the occurrences of human error.

Now you can finally have more time to work, grow your firm, make more money, and work virtually from anywhere.