Automating Your Legal Practice

Legal Technology for Process Automation in Modern Law Firms

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on November 15, 2018.

Transform your practice to client centered Legal Office with Technology and Governance. Automation for Partners, Attorneys and Secretaries for increased billable time and client services

What is Legal Process Automation

Legal Technology to automate Law Firms

Managing a law firm involves running through a number of repetitive processes on an everyday basis – from client intake to document generation to making invoices. These tasks can be tedious when done repetitively and can take their toll on the efficiency of your practice by draining billable hours from your workday. The good news is that almost any aspect of your law practice can be automated with PageLightPrime!

Legal process automation is quite simply introducing technological concepts through Legal Technology to perform a process which would otherwise have to be done manually by a human.

Why is Automation a Boon

PageLightPrime provides Inhouse automation

Any law practice has a series of activities such as gathering client intake forms, generating documents, managing matters and cases and handling invoices and firm finances. Automating these processes with technology can help a law firm in many ways to leverage the overall efficiencies, to reduce or avoid manual errors, thus making the firm more productive, and ultimately helping you serve more clients in a better way. Automation can provide a benefit for your law practices.

Once you adopt the automation technique, you’ll have more time to focus on your firm, making less mistakes, and will benefit from an overall more efficient practice. All these leads to more billable hours and better services to our clients.

Automation for Explosive Legal Growth

Attorneys, Partners, Lawyers and in-house counsel technology solutions

Huge leap in your firm’s growth can be realized by, automating your law practice. Automation software will help you streamline your mundane activities so you can focus on legal work.

It makes you smarter. It makes you faster. It allows you to get more things done in a day. It saves you money. It opens up new opportunities.

Why Should Law Firms Adopt Legal Process Automation

Automation for in-house counsels

To get rid of the repetition in process and to automate the more mundane aspects of your daily routine as a lawyer, it becomes vital to automate your law practice. Often these tools are built into law practice management software making it easier for you, but you can also use standalone software for the purpose of automation. By streamlining your firm’s processes using readily available technology, you’ll have more time to focus on the aspects of being a lawyer that you enjoy the most.

Legal services are changing with the times, and hence legal process automation will play a major role in the law firm business model of the future as well How law firms respond to these changes will be the key to their future success.

Benefits of Automation for your Law Firm

How to increase Lawyer billable hour using Office 365

The benefits of automation are fairly obvious. Finding ways to use legal process automation to your advantage now is one of the best first steps you can take to ensure the long term stability and success of your firm.

1. Increased Efficiency

With LPM, attorneys can offer flat fees Automating routine and repetitive tasks will minimize wasted time and allow you to get more work done and thereby increases efficiency.Many legal processes can be very well automated. For example, client intake, basic client communications, document filings, digitizing your document sharing, time tracking, billing and invoices, and other administrative processes can be streamlined with the use of technology and automation.Law firm must be managed as corporation and SOP for various practices must be documented. Workflows can be developed, which will create Tasks, generate documents or send forms to clients to obtain additional information. Manual data entry is avoided as it leads to mistakes and Dashboard can track and report the status of the Tasks across multiple cases

2. Increased in Profitability

With LPM, attorneys can offer flat fees wAdopting automation, becomes onetime investment for your firm and does not require an ongoing salary to do their job, thereby reducing your potential cost.Report generation for Managing partners can be automated and available daily or on demand in Dashboard. These reports were created manually involving Accounts department without the ability for further data analysis. Power BI Dashboard can be a great visualization tool for Partners to know the health of different practices and overall firm performance As a result, there is a huge scope for profitability to be gained by using software and automation. Processes which would normally take hours and cost hundreds of dollars can be completed in seconds for virtually zero cost.

3. Client Satisfaction

With automated services at your law firm, you will be able to serve more clients at a time and provide more services for a lower cost in order to remain profitable.Client Portal can provide an effective way of branding the Law Firm with Clients. Client Portal can provide real time update of the Cases and acts as a workspace for Document sharing, collaboration and communication. There is no need to share documents or invoices over emails. Client Portal will allow the clients to interact with the Law Firm and make payments to their invoices But it’s not just about the productivity boost. Automation also has the power to reduce costs for clients, and improve communication during the process.

Legal Automation Process Helps

Automation of Office 365 Legal Solutions

Technology is reshaping every industry right before our eyes. Tech-driven legal companies already seem to be succeeding because they offer things that are in high demand from clients -Things such as greater affordability, increased efficiency, better customer service, and easy accessibility.

Even at Law Firms, lawyers should strive to offer these facilities to their clients as much as possible. Automation is becoming a necessary step in that pursuit.

Automation- The Key to Survival for Lawyers

Legal Workflow on Office 365 for Automation

Technology has all the capability to bring about a new change in the legal industry, and lawyers have to keep themselves updated to remain active in the market. It’s time to think about how you can change, improve, and prepare your law practice for the future through automation.

While automation can do so much for you such as allow you to free up time, make your life easier, helps you stay organized and on-task, and eliminate trivial distractions so you can focus on doing your actual job, then why to wait to pick the legal technology provider

Using PageLightPrime, run a better and automated law practice and you will see that the overall experience is much better!