PageLightPrime announces new Product Enhancements for Modern Law Firms

November 30, 2021, Singapore – PageLightPrime, the global leader in cloud-based legal technology, revealed important set of product enhancements to prepare lawyers to meet the demands of changed legal landscape.

These robust enhancements help law firms at each growth step and focused to meet client needs today and tomorrow – included are the launch of client collaboration platform named Client Portal, intake form builder, and improved AI support for document management system.

“We are committed to deliver the expectations of law firms to provide enhanced services to their clients” said Chandra Jeganathan, President and Founder of PageLightPrime. “Law firm clients want flexible and online self-service model for their service needs and client portal with intake form builder will meet these objectives through cloud based legal technology solution”

Client collaboration platform and real-time communication

Clients prefer to request and receive legal services from their location since the pandemic and the need for centralized client communication and collaboration technology solution is realized by the law firms. Client Portal from PageLightPrime is the new client communication solution for lawyers to update the clients on the status of their case and share documents between both sides. Law firms can send documents to be reviewed by the clients, obtain digital signature on fee agreement, and request supporting documents. Clients can upload the documents requested by the law firm and exchange secure messages with the responsible attorney handling their case.

Clients and Lawyers can schedule online meeting which will be hosted in Microsoft Teams, with the option to record the session. Meeting reminders can be configured for the attendees to be reminded through mobile notification, email, or text message. This will decrease the no shows for the law firms.

Intake Form Builder

Streamlining the intake process that generate results in converting the leads to paying clients is important and last step of marketing stage. Each practice area in law firm is requiring a customized evaluation of potential clients and the SOP stats with building an Intake form, which can be embedded on the website or distributed to clients through email. “Law firms want to engage and retain new clients. Lawyers want to create a fast and effective intake automation process”, said Nithy Sethu, Product Manager of PageLightPrime. “Information pertinent to their legal service must be collected in few clicks. Intake form can be assembled by legal professionals by drag-and-drop with built-in support for lead routing powered by Workflow”

Intake form can be designed with custom fields to suit practice needs. Dynamic smart form builder allows the customization in real time by asking relevant questions, based on how previous questions were answered. Firms can tailor client experience to bring the leads from anywhere.

Enhanced Document Management

PageLightPrime commitment to stive continuous digital transformation in law firms by helping our clients to increase the adoption of legal technology among the employees for efficient collaboration of information. AI powered search and suggestion helps Attorneys to assemble document based on precedents, practice area and case type. “PageLightPrime will continue to invest in AI assisted solution to help Lawyers to generate documents”, said Chandra Jeganathan. “Documents can now be assembled from multiple sources like legal research, precedents, legislation and judgements. This is a game changer as lawyer can create a document in minutes compared to hours before”

Legal Documents can be accessed through browser, mobile app, desktop and in offline mode, giving lawyers and paralegals the ability to create, access, edit, store, and even collaborate on files and folders anywhere and anytime, all synced in Office 365

PageLightPrime is the company to watch as it continuous to transform legal technology experience through their continuous delivery of cloud based legal solution. PageLightPrime is posed to be legal technology unicorn with their innovation developing AI assisted Legal Practice Management Solution. With offices in US, Singapore, Malaysia, and India, PageLightPrime offers solutions for Law offices and in house counsels.

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