Time Entries & Expenses

Tracking Time Entries and Expenses has never been easier before!

You can track all activities done, set an hourly rate for yourself as well as all other users, create convenient time entries, track time from any device, generate invoices, and compare time entries across users and matters.

Time Entries

To create a new time entry, click on "New Time Entries" button on the right.

PagelightPrime Time Entries & Expenses

The below window prompting for details appears.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses

Fill up all the information to keep track of the time spent of each activity for each matter or user and the rate and description for the same. Click "Save" once done.


You will be able to find the ‘Expenses’ Button next to the ‘Time Entries’ button.

Click "Create Expenses" button on the right to create a new expense.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses

Similar to time entries, expenses can also be created for the Matter or for the User.

Fill in the date in which the Expense was made and select the Expense code based on the expenses made.

Choose the expense type and enter the amount spent.

Only if the ‘Billable’ check box is clicked, invoice can be generated.

Click "Save" once done.

Once the time entries and expenses details are filled, the Matter is ready for its invoice generation. You can also enter the matter number or user name and select the from and to duration to see the time entries or expenses made during that period.

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