After the invoice is approved, it enters the post stage.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses

Invoices in Post Stage are ready for payment. Note that payment can be made only by Finance people.

To make a payment, click on the record payment button – which is the second button in the Actions tab. The below page appears.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses PagelightPrime Create Expenses

Select the source and destination accounts. The destination account will always be an operating account or an office account. The due amount of payment is showed in the payment page. In the payment tab, enter the amount to transfer. The remaining amount is calculated and showed as Balance Due.

Then click on the ‘Record Payment’ button. The payment receipt is generated.

PagelightPrime Time Entries & Expenses

Once payment is made partially, edit/delete action is not permitted.

In the ‘PAID’ Tab, fully paid invoices are maintained.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses

In ‘VOID’ Tab, any cancelled/ rejected payments are found.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses

Here for the same matter, more number of expenses can be simultaneously created. While clicking on the Add Expense button, the below provision is shown.

PagelightPrime Create Expenses

The last tab of Invoices is ‘Credit Notes’. Credit notes are particularly useful to give credit or make payment for any expense or invoice and to have it as an evidence or record for tracking the account.

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