Invoices can be generated at client or matter level.

Matters for which time entries and expenses are created and whichever is billable is displayed in the invoices page.

Those time entries and expenses which were created at User level are being displayed as No Matter.

Generating Invoices

Click on the check box to the left of the matter name and click "Generate" on the top.

PageLightPrime Invoice Billable Clients

A page like the below appears.

PageLightPrime Invoice Generate Bills

Issue date is the date in which the invoice was generated and due date is the date mentioned in the billing settings.

Choose the tax option along with pre or post tax as per their requirement.

There is a check box at the end asking if the Invoice request approval process can be skipped. If the check box is not checked, the invoice is saved as a draft and can be viewed in the "Drafts" Tab and the invoice can be edited or updated further.

Once done, click on the check box on the left side, under the Drafts tab.

This will display the Matter’s or User’s Invoice in the "Approved" Tab.

If the ‘Skip Invoice Request Approval Process’ check box is checked, the invoice automatically goes to the Approved Tab.

Receiving Payment For Invoices

Only for the approved invoices, payment can be received.

In the Approved tab, the list of matters’ invoices are listed. The left most section of it contains the "Record Payment" button.

PageLightPrime Invoice Approved

Clicking on the Record Payment button, redirects to the payment page like below.

PageLightPrime Invoice Bill Payments

To know the balance details of that particular matter, click on the Matters Tab on the top and view the Trust Balance and the Operating Balance.

PageLightPrime Invoice Trust Accounts

Fund amount can be added to the Matter by clicking on the "New Trust Request" button on the right. The below page appears.

PageLightPrime Invoice Trust Accounts

Fill the necessary details in the page including the amount to be added to the trust and click "Save".

Now the amount will be successfully added to the trust and hence payment can be made from the Trust Account as well.

When there is certain amount in the Trust Balance, the Source option in the New Bill Payment page will give you options in the drop down list to either make direct payment or pay it from the trust.

Click "Record Payment" button after filling the Source, Destination and amount to be paid. If partial amount is to be paid, the due amount will be displayed below.

A checkbox appears asking if the due amount has to be ‘write off’. If the check box is clicked, the invoice goes to the ‘Paid’ Tab. Else the invoice remains in the ‘Approved’ tab and record payment button can be clicked again when the payment is ready.

PageLightPrime Invoice Record Payment
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