Custom Fields

Settings Custom Fields

By clicking on the Custom Fields Tab, you can create as many Custom Fields as you like for all of your cases or clients. There are six entities listed in this tab for which custom fields can be added to fit the needs of certain contacts or cases.

PageLightPrime Custom Fields

Click on the desired entity and click "Create Custom Fields" on the top right corner of the screen.

PageLightPrime create Custom Fields

Create unlimited custom fields as per your requirement by filling up the requested information. PageLightPrime also gives you the flexibility of displaying a particular field only when needed or to always have it visible.

Click "Save" once done.

PageLightPrime Add Custom Fields

You can also create a group for your fields. You can group your custom fields together to use as you need them. Just click the "Custom Field Group" tab and select where you'd like to place the group.

PageLightPrime Custom FieldsGroup

Add your custom field group to your matter, client, or contact.

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