Creating clients with PageLightPrime can be very simple.

A client can be either a Company or a Contact.

Click on the Contacts Link on the top. A page like the below appears. You will be able to see the already created and existing Company and Contacts.

PageLightPrime Company Support


To create a new Company, choose the Company tab and click on "Create Company" button on the right.

A page opens which allows you to enter the various details about the Company such as the Company’s Name, Website, Email, Phone number, Address and other related information. You will also be allowed to enter multiple values for the same field such as phone number, email id and address.

PageLightPrime Create Company

Select the Custom Field Group relevant to your Company’s requirement. The custom fields grouped under this category will be listed. Enter the values for these fields and click "Save" to save it along with your Company Details.

PageLightPrime CustomFields Relavant Group


To create a new Contact, choose the Contact tab and click on "Create Contact" button on the right.

Creating a Contact is similar to creating a Company. Enter the information prompted on the Screen and click ‘Save’ to save details of the Contact.

PageLightPrime Create Contact

The details of the Company/Contact can be edited or deleted later if required.

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