Calendar Events

Attorneys use calendar events and tasks to help them stay organized and meet appointments.

To create a new Calendar Event, click on the "Create Calendar Event" button on the right.

PageLightPrime Calendar Events

A page like the below appears.

PageLightPrime Calendar Court Dates

Enter the requested details. You will be able to find that the Event Type and Location options are fetched automatically from the Application Setting in the form of a drop down list.

PageLightPrime Calendar Event Type PageLightPrime Calendar Locations

Creating Calendar Events also connects your calendar to Office 365 to be able to view your PageLightPrime events from the comfort of your personal calendar. This also gives you reminders that can be set for minutes, hours, or days ahead of time.

PageLightPrime also gives you the ability to run a full search of your tasks and events, directly from your calendar.

To search for anything on your calendar, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to "Calendar".
  • Select the calendar display you'd like to search through. It can be monthly, weekly or daily events.
  • The tasks and events displayed on your calendar will now be filtered based on your search terms.
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