Billing Settings

Billing Settings lets one to create invoices based on the details provided. Click Billing Settings under Settings -> Finance Settings to set up information about the payment involved.

Choose the Default Currency as per your preference and the currency symbol will be substituted wherever your currency is involved in the matter.

There are other billing options to choose such as the Grace Period, Primary and Secondary Tax details, whether the taxes are applicable or not and if so how much the pre-tax or the post-tax is.

PageLightPrime Billing Settings


The goal of the UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System) codes is to standardize the classification of the many sub-tasks in complex legal matters for e-billing. This would enable clients to collect data on exactly how much they were being charged for each legal sub-task, and ultimately to manage those costs. This is helpful in loading Time Entries for each task as well. The invoices are promptly processed containing the corresponding task description and the UTBMS code for each task performed.

Custom Activities

This tab helps to create or customize activities.

PageLightPrime Billing Settings

To create a new custom activity, click Add button on the left.

Provide a name for the activity and select between Default Rate and Flat Rate. If default rate is selected, it gets the rate filled for the user in User Settings and if Flat Rate is selected, it prompts to enter the rate in Rate field as shown below. Click Save once done.

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