Office 365 for Law Firms

Legal, Law, Lawyers and Office 365. A complete primer and reference

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on February 20, 2018.

Office 365 helps Legal professionals to ensure Compliance and Document security, Collaboration with teams and external parties. The solution to allow them work anywhere, anytime to increase billable hours is Office 365. Small, Medium and Large Practices are digitally transformed.

Why Office 365

 Office 365 for Legal Technology and Lawyers. Collaboration and Productivity
Office 365 has applications needed for back office, communication and collaborations - Office Apps, Outlook, SharePoint online and OneDrive for Business. Document sharing with external parties is managed securely with full support for real-time co-authoring. Enterprise productivity tools such as content management, enterprise search, and social all available on demand.

1. Secured enterprise-grade online storage

Secure Practice Management on Cloud
Contents and document sharing are compliant with industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA. DMS capabilities such as permissions, versioning control, eDiscovery, and records management ensure documents are managed with reduced overhead and less training.

2. Access contents from anywhere and anytime

Access Legal Case Matter from any device
Office Apps, Add-ins, Emails, and files are available anywhere—PC, Mac, and mobile devices.Users will be always accessing the latest version, one source of truth and they're always up to date. Collaborate on cases with common timeline, share contents with clients, and connect with opposing attorneys.
OneDrive for Business is packed with 1 TB of cloud storage to store matter documents. The contents can be accessed securely at any time online or offline

3. Easier Office 365 Administration and Security

Portal for managing O365
Admin Portal allows simple management of users and services without the need for dedicated IT team. Data is secured by the built-in security that detects and protects from malware, spam, phishing attacks, and other threats.

4. Email Management

Legal Practice Email Management
Emails are still the favorite collaboration tool and emails can be accessed from virtually all devices – Desktop and mobile. Calendaring and Task Management Apps are available as part of the Outlook and can integrated with Court dates and deadline tracker. Email Management solution will allow attorneys to file their Emails and/or attachments to be correct case files.The plugin will automatically assign the metadata when saved to SharePoint online.

5. Offline access to case files

Legal Practice Email Management
OneDrive for Business support will allow documents to be created and edited when not connected to cloud. Changes will be synchronized when users are online. SharePoint templates for law firms will allow managing the case files as per legal practice requirements without help of IT support team.

PageLightPrime for Office 365

Web based Legal File Management | PageLightPrime
SharePoint-based document management and collaboration solution built on Office 365 infrastructure. PageLightPrime is Legal Case Management Solution to take advantage of enterprise content management capabilities that the SharePoint online platform offers like, Document Assembly, Versioning, Taxonomy for document classification, and real time document coauthoring.
Office 365 platform provides benefits like Outlook integration, allowing users to save emails directly to case folders, viewing case documents from Outlook without the need to download them, enterprise search capabilities, extending OneDrive for Business as personal briefcase to save case documents to be accessed offline, DLP and compliance.
PageLightPrime offers Office 365 legal case management solution to improve the collaboration in law office or legal firms. Client Matter portal organizes the case files by cases allowing teams to work together, to review and find information when needed, all without ever leaving Microsoft Word or Outlook. Document Assembly can generate documents based on Case precedents and shared with external attorneys.
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