Legal Outlook Integration

Collaboration and email access are provided through familiar Outlook interface.

Share and collaborate documents with confidence

Add Files to PageLightPrime From Outlook. Users can drag and drop contents from their windows desktop or Outlook folders to case files. Stay in control of your shared documents while collaborating with internal or external users. Integrated activity feed and version history keep you on top of changes when you are working on the documents. Refer back to earlier versions of your documents stored on PageLightPrime. Revert to an older version if needed.

Office365 Outlook Integration
Drag Drop Email Outlook Legal

Sync PageLightPrime with Outlook

Sync Calendar, Document Library etc. to your Outlook. You can also update PageLightPrime Content from Outlook -Users can preview, view, or edit content that is stored in PageLightPrime from the Outlook User Interface.

Save Outlook emails to PageLightPrime

Drag and drop emails from outlook with attachments PageLightPrime directly. PageLightPrime captures email attributes automatically like To, From, Subject, Date and Attachment Names. Mails can be automatically saved to PageLightPrime through outlook rules thereby providing seamless integration.

Save Emails Outlook

PageLightPrime and Outlook Integration

Every case in PageLightPrime is represented as Outlook folder for easy access and reference. Outlook email, attachments in email, folders or documents in file system can be easily dragged or dropped into the case folders. This will automatically save the contents to the case file and you will be able to track all the matter related information simply when you log into your outlook email - giving you a full record of case information for reference.

You can also sync your PageLightPrime calendar events to Outlook. The changes made in Outlook will sync back to PageLightPrime and the events can be viewed in your mobile app.

Accessing Calendars and Documents from Outlook will see an increased performance for lawyers as document creation, collaboration and email access are provided through familiar Outlook interface. PageLightPrime contents are available integrated with Outlook.

Integrate legal files with Outlook. PageLightPrime contents are available integrated with Outlook.

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