Legal Document Management System for Lawyers

Create, Automate and Manage Documents – Integrated on Office 365

Legal DMS on cloud with offline access on demand. Create documents and collaborate with external parties securely

Document Solution for Law Firms

Manage Documents and Emails from anywhere and anytime. Collaboration powered by Microsoft Teams for enhanced remote and online working. AI powered document tagging for effective document classification and filing

Legal Document Management Solution
 Outlook Integration Case Management Software

Save Emails from Outlook

Drag and Drop Emails and Email Attachments to correct Matter Center workspace. Use Outlook to view documents and emails stored in PageLightPrime categorized by Client Matter through Outlook legal DMS integration

Full Document Management Support

Create, Tag and Search documents. Manage major and minor versions, check in, check out of documents from browser or outlook. Automatic OCR for indexing of scanned documents in any image or pdf format

Legal Document Management Solution
 Outlook Integration Case Management Software

Legal Document Search

Innovative AI powered search transforms case management solution into legal knowledge management system. Search results are security trimmed, based on user role. Use clauses and precedents from search results to create documents

Create documents based on Document Templates from Office Apps

Document Assembly will allow you to create Contracts, Forms and Retainers based on PageLightPrime's automation

Legal Document Assembly Precedence
 Outlook Integration Case Management Software

Law Firm Document Storage

Cloud storage for firms to archive case files for compliance requirements. Contents can be purged with proof of deletion to satisfy PDPA or GDPR requirements. eDiscovery becomes easier when search can be applied on PageLightPrime matter files, with additional possibility of applying legal hold

Offline convenience

PageLightPrime DMS is integrated with OneDrive for Business and case documents are available offline without compromising security. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Right Management (RM) guaranteed

 Outlook Integration Case Management Software
Legal Document Management Solution

Collaborate securely

Share documents with clients and opposing counsels through legal client portal. Specific permissions can be set and revoked.

SharePoint Solution on Office 365

Client, Matter and Person Centric Solution for managing Document and Emails. Predictive filing of emails in the correct case files without manual intervention

 Outlook Integration Case Management Software

Document Management for Modern Law Firms

Solutions for lawyers to work Smart, safe and efficient. On cloud, accessed from web, mobile apps, outlook and desktop


Tag and apply document classification to legacy and all new incoming documents, so contents can always be identified


Internal and external document sharing, co-authoring, collaboration with full audit log. Team members are guaranteed to work on single source of truth avoiding emails for content distribution


ML engine extracts tags, entities, key value pair values from tables along with standard OCR for image files. Enable intelligent workflow from scanned documents, processing million document in an hour


Enterprise search and extract information for legal research and document assembly. Identify duplicate and similar documents with Legal Natural Language Processing queries

Legal Document and Email Management on Cloud

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