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Written by Knowledge Team, posted on June 07, 2018.

Digital Transformation of Law Firms starts with the automation of repeated tasks and process, to improve efficiency. Allow Attorneys to assemble documents based on Matter details and Precedents

Why Document Assembly

Legal Document Assembly solution for Singapore and Malaysia
Document Assembly feature enables the Law Firms to replace the manual approach of drafting documents with a quick and accurate automation process where Attorneys and even clients are given the provision to create more Case related documents, for providing the best possible client service. Document Assembly presents the users with a questionnaire that collects relevant data and guides them through the document creation process enabling them to create multiple documents and thereby empowering attorneys to work faster, smarter and more productively and efficiently.
Document assembly tools bring real value to your practice. Processes that took hours now take minutes. It helps preventing the risks associated with human errors and time spent proof reading. It minimizes data entry and paper usage allowing you to ‘GO PAPERLESS!’

Legal CRM can capture, qualify leads and promote them as Clients. Retainer agreements are automatically created by the Document Assembly, based on Practice Area and Billing preference when a new client signs up. The generated agreements can be shared online with clients for review and sent to them for digital signature which helps validate the authenticity of the online document and to authorize the Contracts.

1. From Templates to Finely Crafted Documents

Creating new templates or forms for Document Assembly is a simple process. Merge Fields will be displayed in the Document Assembly Section from where the necessary fields can be copy pasted into the document. Once created this can be uploaded as a template into document assembly section. Document Assembly allows users to automate the creation of documents by generating them from these pre-built intelligent templates. This technology makes it possible to draft even the most complex documents in a fraction of the time without making any mistakes. It reduces the time spent on assembling case related document from multiple sources such as Cases, CRM Application, Contacts of the Case or any billing system.

2. From a User Perspective

Users are prompted to answer a series of relevant questions. Based on the input provided by the users, the appropriate data and elements of the template are then automatically inserted into the final document, which is generated by the software in file format requested by users. This way, law firms can reduce the errors, time, costs and overall inefficiencies associated with traditional document drafting methods.

3. Do It Yourself Approach

Users benefit the best from this ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF’ approach of Document Assembly as they get to choose their own forms/templates, their own words and rules based on their Matter and out comes a fully completed Document. File can be saved in Word or PDF Format based on user's requirement. The completed documents are uploaded to the Legal Document Management System like SharePoint or Office 365 , thereby providing seamless integration with such cloud storage platforms. Without any iota of doubt, this approach replaces the cumbersome manual filling of repetitive documents with template based forms and documents. Generate your own well-done documents 24/7, on a self-service basis.

4. Benefits of Document Assembly

Document assembly software provides a rich functionality that best benefit the modern Attorneys. Document Assembly lets you quickly create legal documents from saved templates with a click of a button. Document assembly systems not only saves time but also boosts productivity, reduces the possible errors— while helping to eliminate retyping the precedents when drafting documents. Users can simply choose templates from judiciary forms and answer a series of questions, and produce a complete, ready-to-use document in a very less span of time.

PageLightPrime’s Document Assembly

Legal Document Assembly for Singapore and Malaysia Law Firms
PageLightPrime Legal Document Assembly integrated with Matter Management Solution offers efficiency, productivity and time savings, all tangible benefits for Attorneys on the move Built-in Court Forms for Singapore and Malaysia are available in PageLightPrime's Document Assembly. Standard documents like NDA, Employment Contracts are a part too. Document Assembly allows you to merge client and matter data, and Legal CRMS to create complex legal documents tailored to your needs. You also get to maintain your Matter related documents at the same place. With full support for OneDrive for Business, the documents are accessible offline and merged with Cloud storage when you are back online. A move to document automation can be a big business boost for many Law Firms.
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