Client Intake Form for Law Offices

KYC for Attorneys. Making initial consultation effective to convert the Leads to Clients

Written by Knowledge Team, posted on September 21, 2018.

On-boarding process simplified for Solo and Small Law Firms. Start the Attorney-Client relationship with a good impression

What is Client Intake Form

Legal Intake form on Office 365
For a Legal industry, Client intake is an important part of the attorney client relationship. It is' the process where law firms collect all the information they need in order to assess the person’s legal matter and devise an appropriate solution.
Before representing a new client, you Attorneys must know the basics of who, what, when, where, and how their legal issues came about. Intake forms help create structure around this process by ensuring that all the necessary information is collected, and no details are overlooked.
Alternate Fee Arrangements are becoming popular and more clients are reluctant to agree for Hourly or Fixed price engagements. Client Intake Form with good Technology can help Attorneys decrease their non-billable time by Automating new client onboarding and avoiding manual data entry.

Intake Form – an Innovative Lawyer’s best choice

Intake document templates in Legal CRM can be integrated with Case Management Solution
Why intake form
  • Intake form can be published in the Firm’s web site attracting new clients.
  • Onboarding of clients in the Legal Case Management Solution. Leads can be evaluated and promoted to Contacts and Cases created automatically.
  • Conflict checks can be done.
  • Workflow can be applied to create Cases based on Practice Area. Workflow confirms that the business process is followed when Matter is created. Example of Workflow can be creating an Engagement letter and sending for Client review and signature. Tasks can be assigned to Legal Research and Forms can be sent to Matter Contact to request additional details.
  • Avoids manual entry by Attorneys. Forms can be created and sent to Client requesting additional Case details.

How does it work

Prevent duplicate data entry by allowing clients to fill in Case details
Review of Business process
Law firms must have a clear understanding of how new clients will be reviewed and on boarded. There can be a single SOP for entire firm or each practice area will process differently. Everything starts with data we collect from Leads and how we can handle the data. Stages the leads progress and the Tasks which must be done in each stage to be documented. Tasks can be as simple as scheduling an appointment to generating engagement letter.
Document the Stages
Leads are tracked through stages and responsible people must understand the different stages and threshold to move to next stage. For example, to move the Lead to ‘Pre-Consulting’ stage, Case Questionnaire Form must be sent to the Client and confirmed that the data is available. Reminders can be set along with escalation and substitution rules for overdue Tasks. Dashboard must present all the Leads in various stages and drag drop interface for promoting to next stage.
Screening process
Conduct a thoughtful screening process to interview your clients thoroughly and gather enough information before you start the process. Intake form will be useful to make sure all the information is collected. Intake forms can be in a Wizard format guiding the users through the onboarding process. Forms must be intelligent in design. If the client has previously answered that they had no kids, interview process to collect Children details must be hidden.
Technical Implementation
Intake forms involve creating the following to implement our business flow
  • Intake form development : Forms can be created by simple drag and drop method. Collect information about Contact, Company or Person working in that company and Matter details. Try to keep information gathering to minimum as filling a long form can be scare users from completing the form with full diligence.
  • Review of Intake form : Notification to people in charge of Practice to review the leads, when a new Intake form is submitted.
  • Workflow : Based on Practice or other business drivers Workflow can be applied. Workflow must have the following functionality
    • Create Task
    • Create Appointments
    • Send Emails
    • Generate documents and send for review
    • Send Forms to client for additional details
    • Triggers to remind on due date
  • E signatures : Get the Documents reviewed and approved online. Engagement letter and fee schedule can be shared with Clients, who can sign online.
  • Dashboard : All Data in one place -Find the Lead status, which are currently in different stages. Leads can be moved to different stages as it progresses through sales cycle. Users can setup automatic triggers for follow ups. Reports can be generated for Management review.

Why wait

Integrate Intake data with CRM for Lead Management
There are several reasons to start using client intake forms..
  • Automate your data entry & save time
  • Improved organization and workflow
  • Work more efficiently
  • Fill out forms from any internet device
  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Minimize transcription errors
  • Automatic client reminders
  • Easy accessibility including Mobile accessibility
  • Better and more organized data
  • Provide a Better Client Experience

Serve your clients better & enhance your reputation

Host intake forms in Web site and SEO marketing
Intake forms are a win-win solution that help law firms and their clients get work done in a more efficient manner, leaving more time to focus on the details of the actual legal issue being handled. A small investment for client intake can mean a big improvement for your firm. Impress your clients by making their life easy. Not only will they be more likely to submit the information you need to do your job, but more importantly, they will have a better experience working with your firm Better service leads to recommendation and referrals in the coming days.
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